Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Aladin's Genie

Last night I did a lot of work with myself I thought, stopped thinking, read, asked, thought and then went for a sauna and a swim. I was dreading the sauna and the swim because I felt so weak and tired but none-the-less off I went and when I was in the sauna I stopped thinking and noticed the moment that I was in. Lovely. I rarely do pull myself to the present as I am usually finishing a project or two and starting another and dreaming up 15 more but this week I have really begun to be right in the middle of each moment. Hippy-toffle I hear you shout. Feels good though when you land right in the middle of now.

I had a dreadful night last night as I had a session with one of the amazing therapists here on forgiveness and self-love which was a beautiful session and I learnt a lot and worked through some stuff that I have held onto for years and years - GONE. Completely gone. I will never have to feel any bitterness or upset or anger towards the issues and people we dealt with yesterday ever again. Now that is amazing. Afterwards some pretty serious physical stuff happened to my body and my colonic showed some crazy stuff - I won't tell you but it is incredible what you have stored in your body that it just doesn't need or want. Anyway my gallbladder (which I've had problems with in the past) detoxed a lot last night as did my liver and I had a painful night.

I spoke to the therapists and they sent various people to my cottage who gave me acupuncture and massages and the colonic therapist worked with me and it all worked. My body has transformed this afternoon into total calm and I feeeeeeeeeel amazing.

When you detox your body kicks out toxins from all the organs and throws them into the colon ready to be chucked out but the body is confused about what to do with the kind of toxins we put into our bodies so it sends most of them back into the blood stream to be processed which puts them all back into organs and tissues which is why you need the colonics apparently. Our big health problem as humans is that we feed our cells with toxins constantly and although the body has an incredible ability to detox we sometimes put one toxin too many for it to cope with and the body picks up diseases or develops them and we can get very ill. Detoxes like this can help to reset us and purge toxins and replace the body with the nutrients it needs to help it do what it does so well.

Oh dear sorry - I hope I'm not boring you!!!

So, this morning I woke up and was shocked at how white my teeth are! All from oil swishing. WHAT IS OIL SWISHING I hear you say? Well, you detox and the body tries to get rid of toxins and one thing that's heavily affected is the tongue which goes whitish (should be pink when you look at it and not dry) so you have to oil swish here every morning by swishing one table spoon of oil around the mouth for a couple of minutes then spitting it out and brushing teeth as normal. It isn't very nice but my teeth are white, my tongue healthy and my sense of taste and smell outrageously heightened!

My flatmate today was shocked at how well I look. She said she she was shocked at how I look like I have had a facelift or something. Any tired skin, wrinkles or bags are completely gone. I look years younger and brighter.

So, now I'm off for a session with an astrologist who is going to look at my birth chart - this is an extra to the detox but a fun one!

Ah I told you I would tell you about the painting I am going to paint... The forgiveness session I did yesterday is called the journey and the therapist leads you back into your childhood to essentially grow you back up with the nurturing we all need. Its really lovely and very gentle and afterwards even those who feel like they've totally dealt with their childhoods feel so much lighter afterwards. So, I closed my eyes and she said, 'imagine where you store your pain in your body and shrink yourself to a tiny you and climb into that part of your body. So, I imagined myself sitting japanese style facing away and the top of my back was open with two doors much like those of a castle and inside there were lots of post tags hanging with peoples names on. So, I will paint that picture when I get home. The therapist was really laughing at my imagination all the way through - ghandi, aladins genie, the dalai lama, balloons filled with kindness, appreciation and security, chandeliers, a huge diamond and a giant chocolate truffle were all part of my journey. x


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