Sunday, 6 November 2011


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So i've booked into a health farm in beautiful wales. Why? Cause I haven't stopped since last January! I get the feeling everything is about to go crazy so I thought best to ready this body to deal with the things I would like to create.

My train down here left Manchester at 11.30 and I arrived at 7.30! Just one train. Crazily, my retreat seemed to begin right there as I my phone ran out of juice before I hit the train, then my computer did the same, no sockets on the train I decided to read my book - which I had left on my bed in Manchester. So, I had an 8 hour trip with nothing and noone but the millions of voices in my head. Luckily the views were outstanding and the train travelled right down the beautiful coastline and I am happy by the sea.

Its pretty incredible here though. Wood burning stove, beautiful wee cottage and a lovely house friend. Each year I go away for a while and take some sort of sabbatical type break - so a few years ago it was New York for a month, a month in Ireland, a few months in Sheffield to write an album and this year its this - 7 days of fresh juice, meditation, various different therapies, sauna, colonics, rest and nutrition classes (and a beautiful outdoor hot tub overlooking a wild rolling Welsh view).

I'm usually quite good at knowing what foods to eat and how to cook but some of the things I've learnt here are mind blowing. I live a hectic lifestyle and am constantly thinking Ill get round to meditating at some point in life and rarely give my body a good break and force it through one too many nights out when its tired. I survive on adrenaline and catch a breath when I can. I'm here at the health farm for 7 days on a juice diet with 12 other people (13 women and 1 man who coincidentally is also a Gibraltarian!!)

Today is actually day 2 for me but I couldn't work out if writing this blog was a good idea or not but today I feel I actually should. I'll keep a little diary here so you can read a teeny tiny bit about what this is like. I wish you well.

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  1. Hey It sounds great Kirsty! Wish I was doing it too! Enjoy your time there xx Mari

  2. thanks Mari - I think you would really enjoy xx

  3. Enjoy!! Come back refreshed and ready to take on the World again.
    I will see you on the other side and look forward to hearing all about it.
    x x x x