Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 2 & 3 - Answers

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First may I say - our single came out yesterday with some special new tracks on it - please click here
and download. Thank you and I really hope you enjoy this EP - we put a lot of care into it. The tracks I wrote for the Albatross film are on iTunes too. Now on to the health farm...

A friend sent me some questions about my health farm week and I thought it a good way to write this blog so here goes...

How are you? I'm utterly confused. In the way that children can be. You know how kids go through emotions one after another sometimes seconds only between them and then they totally drop the emotion and pick up another? That's what's happening to me. I can be absolutely over the moon with joy one minute and then a few minutes later totally confused about everything, then sitting on a window sill teary immediately followed by wandering outside to stare at a horse and questioning reality. Pretty crazy. Yesterday I was soooooooo sick and ill and drained, depleted, exhausted, weak and feeling empty then today I woke up feeling like a truck had smashed into the back of my head. This afternoon I began to feel light.

How is the detox going? Its wild!! So, there are a few of us here all strangers yet we are spending such intimate conversations and time together - that's pretty mad for one. Then the treatments are a roller coaster of emotional and physical detox then the colonics and supplements make it all go away.

Not hard to live on liquid? No, it really isn't. Its takes very little time to forget when you realise what amazing benefits you are getting just by giving the body a chance to stop and process and clear and clean. Today, though, I saw a lemon slice thought it was a crisp and felt overwhelmed with guilt and happiness! Crazy. I considered building an alter around it and inviting the others to see what I'd made for a laugh but then I saw that it was only a lemon slice and outside I went again to stare at the horse and question reality.

Is it really relaxing? Yes, when I manage to get the voice in my head to shut up and when I let go of my day. The day begins with oil mouth swishing (yuk but oh my word it makes incredible changes happen!) meditation at 8 in front of a beautiful Welsh rolling view usually iced with frost then juice at 9, colonic, rest, skin brushing, sauna, swim hot tub, juice at 12, lesson at 12.30 on nutrition (which has been blowing my mind!) then group walk at 2, juice at 3, treatment in the afternoon, yoga at 4, juice at 6, hot broth and social at 8, colonic then hot tub or epsom salt bath, bed. You don't have to do any of the above if you don't want to of course.

How do you feel? Like I should have done this a long time ago just for my body's sake. Today I'm detoxing my emotions too so a wee bit fragile but I feel like my centre is really strengthening.

Does it feel like a break or still working? Definitely feels like a break but I have been working which I am stopping tonight and will stop checking emails too. Will keep this going because its nice to write.

Do you enjoy your time meditating? My meditation usually goes a little something like this in my head,
"Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...there you go just concentrating on the breath...no you're not you just thought that...yeah so? I was just commenting on it that's all, wasn't thinking about other stuff...like the fact that you've still got some lyrics to finish by the time you get back...SHUT UP! Breathe in...Breathe out...

Not too lonely? Actually I feel horrendously lonely at times. Really crazily insecure and then like a toddler its gone and I'm staring at autumn. The people here are all so lovely so that helps and everyones in a similar boat - all here for different reasons so the support is there. I've been listening to the Findhorn retreat that Eckhart Tolle gave which has been making me giggle too.

Have you time or inspiration to do some art work? I got a very strong visual today in my head that I will paint. I''ve never done a proper self portrait but I think I have to do this one. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

So intriguing, I look forward to hearing your experience - thank you my friend xxxx

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