Tuesday, 21 June 2011


It isn't physically or mentally possible to do what I have decided to do in the next month and that's the end of that. I realise now why, er...Everybody needs a Lucy had to go back to work after her years leave to come and help me and now - boy am I beginning to notice. Lucy, Matt and I had such a strong team happening and we were really working so well but now, alas, I am overflowing.

So, today, a friend, Alice said let us help you and I hadn't considered that before. Help. Wow. I really hadn't thought to ask. Madness. So now, people are coming to help!! Thank God they are cause this could be a wonderfully fun month. 200 handmades, a few more limited editions, some 6ft silk flowers to design and produce, 2 videos to make, a website to design and produce, a single to release on my label, a film coming out that I wrote the music for and its premiere, the 2 'Nice Cuppa Tea dances' to organise and decorate, srings for the quartet to finish writing with Matt, new songs to finish for teh 'Brewgaloo Do' a cover to paint for someone elses album, 2 T-shirts to deign and send off..blah blah blah...honest the list goes on!

I'm going to keep you updated so that I can at least relax a little bit by bringing my day to words.


  1. Well, I admire and appreciate what you do - and love you for taking the time to share the process this way, too. x