Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 5 & 6 - Wrestling with deadlines

So yesterday my cousin, who is a professional female wrestler (!!wow!!) picked me up in her lovely open topped car and flew me round Manchester to an incredible little space that she trains in and that we'll be using for the photoshoot for the next single!! Woop woop! So, what's the plan? Plan is this - my birdcage which has been travelling through time carrying me in it exploring and experimenting with art through the ages and eras lands unexpectedly and totally by Almeida accident smack bang in the middle of a wrestling match. There will be a ring, there will be victorian outfits, there will be a real wrestling audience wearing masks, there with be smoke there will be fog there with be lights and sweat and at the helm there will be the incredible Emily Dennison working her stylish magic behind her weapon of photographic choice. Check Emily's work out here

I'm so VERY excited about the shoot and there are some very interesting surprises in the shot that I look forward to sharing with you.

What else... Well, today, I sat at a sewing machine for 8 hours sewing bits of paper to try and get these handmade deadlines for this first single out the way whilst Annie wrestled with a typewriter. Annie was literally pulling her hair out whilst I was trying to become the sewing machine repeating mantras and trying to breathe in time with the stitches. Alas, it is now 10.30 and I shall still need to sew to get things finished!

Here is your playlist for today ladies and gentleboys - I give you... MILK

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