Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Agent Annie & the Handmade's Tale

So its begun!! Madness is all around and I am a cyclops. Sometimes I am a butterfly. Sometimes I am a mad scientist staring at sewing machines (I have 5) with the look of a researching scientist so very near the answer. Sometimes I am a giggling teenager high on abstract and then every 10 minutes I am brought to the reality of running a record label in between as emails come through.

So, today Agent Annie came round to help me as I have so much work now its outrageous and wonderful. We prepared 200 more hand made singles for the radio pluggers and PR and I worked on the last of the limited editions too so that they could be posted out this week. Here are a couple of shots from today. I promise to take more tomorrow.

We played game today too...one would pick a song by an artist on Spotify and add it to our playlist then the other would have to pick the next song by taking the last letter of the previous artists name and finding a new artist who's name starts with that letter - hard to explain but heres our playlist and a pretty good one it is too...


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  1. I love the playlist. Please more ;)
    Thanks for sharing. xxx. E