Sunday, 6 March 2011


Hello all lovely crazy people. And we are all crazy. There is no question there. Have a look around you. Look at the people you (think you) know. They are nuts too. No question. Everyone's just pretending to be normal. Trying to hold it all together and not let people see the madness bubbling away underneath. Total madness. Surrounded by it.

Anyhoo, I though you might like a sane blog from me. (this is as sane as I get). I, am an artist, so, although I am completely mad and manically crazy I have a license to be on the street - the artists card. Woop woop. Thank the universe for creativity or i'd have been locked up a while back.

Now, I thought you might like to see what's going on. Step into my days and be a bit of a voyeur on my life.

As you know, I was signed to Decca last year. I begged them to help me get out the back door and they gladly supported. It wasn't for either of us. All good, and some day young reader-son, I shall tell you all. The madness of a Major label will be here one day but for now too much hard work and spit and polish to get through.

I am starting again. Leaving Decca without a manager doing the work to get you out isn't easy but I got out scratch free thanks to my amazingly supportive and incredibly talented lawyer and team. I've sprung clean, had the counseling, drunk myself into a stupor, considered becoming an astronaut and I'm ready. I've got a strong team around me who are incredible at what they do and help to guide my madness in successful directions.

We've started All Made Up Records and All Made Up Music Publishing. A logo is on its way, the paths have been laid and we are going to release 3 singles this year. Very exciting. I am about to make a new video for one of the singles and artwork is happening. I'm sticking papers to words, words to thoughts, thoughts to ideas, ideas to dreams and sewing the lot up with a 1950's housewife's sewing machine heavier than the titanic.

I'm holding a very secret gig on the 2nd of April for 30 people only in a secret location with a secret chef and secret new songs and I'll be wearing a secret newly designed secret outfit and you can come if you can keep a secret. Tickets are available at but its all hush hush. Shhhhhhhhhh! x

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  1. Yikes! Amirable stuff, Kirsty - being a winner, you can make it work.